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Take Action Right Away


I don't mean burpees or gym.. I mean right now - with a 30 second dance party to your favorite song.
If that doesn't get you smiling, take a walk outside for 20 minutes.

It's easy + fun to feel good.

Ready to get consistent?
Grab this 5 Day Tracker, add a burst of energy to your day, and I'll celebrate your progress with you soon!


Ever feel like you’re totally wasting your life?

Jobs after college left me feeling stuck and hopeless. I had followed the rules but arrived at the wrong place. After months of doing nothing but becoming more miserable, I finally took action. I stood up for myself and started taking steps to figure out a different career path. I was determined to make my life more meaningful!

Through working with my first coach, I discovered a genuine love for helping people make progress in their life. From burpees to mindset breakthroughs, I love guiding people as they take new action and feel even more confident about achieving their dreams.

For my 30th birthday, I gave myself the gift of quitting my day job to be a full-time coach.

I ditched corporate America and the matching 401k and ventured out on my own – first as a Certified Personal Trainer, and later adding Accountability Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and Human Design Mentor.

I love working with clients from around the world and celebrating their success along the way.

I believe anyone can create the change they desire; sometimes, we just need help getting on the right track.

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What Clients are Saying

I am now a new and improved version of myself!

The pandemic changed me into a version of me that I didn’t like. Working with Lauren, we made a plan to change that, and I am grateful to her that I am now a new and improved version of myself. Working 1:1 has really help me understand myself, set goals and build confidence to believe that I can do whatever I want in my life.

Mel V.

When I decided that I really need help, I was so exhausted. Lauren is the person who transformed my life all over.

She affected my thinking, my actions, and most importantly belief in myself. In the beginning, she believed in me before I did. She helps me believe in my future, making plans, and being thankful of what I achieved. I destroyed my fear, and I started see the world around me

Farah S.

Things just “click” when we talk it out!

Lauren is an invaluable asset to my personal development journey. Her insight, encouragement, and support has helped me grow in self confidence and awareness! I love it! Lauren cleverly integrates her knowledge of human design to help me align my mind, body, and heart with efficiency! Things just “click” when we talk it out!

Lindsay H.

Now I can relax.

I realized that I’ve been swimming against the current all this time, and now I can relax into {my human design} being a projector and guiding my team and the people around me in an insightful way.

Hernan V.

Lauren is such an encouragement.

As a mom with a 6 month old exercise that I feel helps me in my limited time to work out is hard to come by. Lauren keeps you cheerful, excited, and pumped for each work out and the Insanity has improved my body tremendously. If I could only work out once a week, it’d be with Lauren.

Tara B.

I realized how to set goals that invigorate me.

As a result of us working together, I am working out more and setting more goals. I realized how to set goals that invigorate me instead of look good to others. Most importantly, I get up in the morning with gratitude and action. I feel triumphant from my circumstances and have a better mindset moving forward.

Allie W.

I’m supported and challenged to step into that next level of my awesomeness!

I’ve done a few of Lauren’s workshops and every time I have the same feeling: I’m supported, challenged to step into that next level of my awesomeness and learn so much more to help me transform into the best version of me. I loooove how she has such a playful way of sharing important knowledge and keeps me focused on the end result every workshop I attend!

Ana J.