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3 Days of Focus Makes a Huge Difference

Recently I spent 3 days following a very specific lean down plan. I thought it would be easy, but I was missing one key ingredient.


Today, I’m 1 week post 3 day lean down plan, and I’ve definitely noticed things that I didn’t realize previously (or that I just forgot).

Food has a tremendous impact on the way I FEEL, and the way I feel impacts my productivity during the day.  Over the weekend, I had my normal sugar treat foods and instantly I was back to old patterns of wanting to eat all the treats instead of just one or two.  In the past, I thought that feeling was just a Saturday thing or a boredom thing, but I realized that it’s a SUGAR thing.

For 5 days during and after the plan, I had zero sugar. I had awesome energy and no cravings. At times I was hungry, but I didn’t crave anything particular.  As soon as I added sugar back on Saturday, the old feelings came back.

Everyone is different, so maybe you don’t feel this way when you eat sugar, but have you ever tried to go without it for more than a day?   I’m definitely going to have sugar, candy, cakes, donuts or WHATEVER, but I now understand that I cannot do that during the week.  It’s just not worth it to me.

A lot of people say they cannot go a day without a certain unhealthy food. Of course, if you focus on the fact that you’re “missing out” on something, then you’ll think it’s impossible to go without it.  However, if you start paying attention to how your body responds to food, you might become more motivated to adopt new habits. New habits will lead you to new results.

I want you to get results!!   If you’re curious about going on a 3 day lean down, then email me. It’s a great way to jump start new habits OR get rid of the last few pounds.  Most importantly to me, it reminded me how powerful the mind is and how food really is FUEL for your body.  Having the wrong mindset and the wrong fuel is a recipe for disaster!