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3 Quick Ways to Eat Healthy When Your Schedule Is Insane

Listen up! I am going to give you 3 quick ways to eat healthy when your schedule is insane.

1. Believe you can succeed.
Don’t sabotage your goals by saying negative things like “I’m too busy to eat healthy!”
Change that phrase to “I am choosing a healthy option right now!”
Focus on the positive statement and positive outcome. You will then be 1000 times more likely to succeed at whatever you’re doing! Want to eat healthy? Think healthy thoughts!

2. Plan ahead.
Planning the food groups you will eat at each meal can save you from making bad decisions in a pinch. Take a couple minutes on Sunday night to look at your schedule and plan your meals.
Planning for dining out or snacks on the go is not the same as meal prepping every meal, so don’t freak out!
Keep it simple for example, breakfast will include one fruit and one protein. Lunch will include a protein and veggie.

3. Get Creative.
Regardless of where you’re dining, you can find a healthy option. Restaurants are capable of bringing you a grilled chicken sandwich without the bun. You can swap sides from fries to veggies or chips to fruit. You always have options!! Just ask!

So next time you say “I’m too busy to eat healthy” STOP YOURSELF. NOPE. Time for a new thought — “I can find a healthy option super quick!” You already know it needs to be a protein and a veggie and every restaurant serves that!


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