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3 Things You NEED to Get Ahead in Life

Ever feel like it’s just not worth it?

That side hustle isn’t paying off the way you thought it would. You feel like you’re doing everything right, but “nothing” is working?

So you stop your efforts and do nothing – and worse – feel like a failure.

Congrats – you’re a human.

One way to get rid of that blah-y feeling is to remember your “compelling future.”

You didn’t start on this journey because it would be sunshine and roses and always easy. You started on this journey because it would be WORTH IT.

You had a strong compelling future that made it WORTH IT to subject yourself to some pain.

Just like when you complete a tough workout and you feel so sore you can’t move – it’s still worth it because you know you’re getting stronger and will be even closer to your goal.

There are 2 other things that must be present too.

Belief that “it’s” THERE.

Belief that you’ll FIND “it”.

Here’s my take if you’d rather hear and see me then read:


Tony Robbins tells the best stories.

At one of his events, I heard him share about a treasure hunter who searched for 16 years before he found the treasure he KNEW was out there. Here’s the story about Mel Fisher.

This story spoke to me because I could quickly apply it to my life.  Things that I give up on easily are things that I don’t really believe exist.  Or things that I am frustrated by are things that I’m not sure if I will find answers to.

When all three work together – we have the willpower to follow through my matter what storm shows up.

You must believe:

  1. It’s there.
  2. I’ll find it.
  3. It will be worth it.

Tell me – where are you getting ahead in your life? Do you have all 3 of things things?


This is Part 2 in a series called Getting Ahead!  Here’s Part 1 if you missed it!