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3 Tips for Your Declutter Goals

I was on a goals training call recently and lots of people said they had a goal to declutter 🔥 Fun Fact : most people agreed this goal fits in the category of “Health”

Since that was my end of the year goal, I thought I’d give you a few tricks that worked for me! My biggest enemy 😹 was a shelf of journals that I’ve been avoiding organizing for a long time {read – more than 5 years}. Since I wanted to complete my project by the end of the year, I got the journals out and put them on the coffee table.

1️⃣ Put the Stuff Visually In the Way

I was still overwhelmed so I counted them and decided I could go through 5 a day for 5 days.

2️⃣ Make It a Super Easy Game

The first day, I looked through 5 and I found out I was more than ready to release this stuff. So the next day, I finished the stack! Rosé 🐈 even helped me shred some of the pages, but I mostly just put them in the recycle bin ☑️

3️⃣ Enjoy the Fresh Energy You Created for Your Home

I promise it will be worth it, and you’ll feel a little happier every day✨💜

What are you decluttering next!?