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5 Reasons I Drink My Breakfast

Three years ago, I started drinking my breakfast.

I drink my breakfast because:

  1. It’s Convenient – bag to blender, grab and go
  2. It’s Simple – no planning or prepping
  3. It Ships to my Door – fewer trips to the grocery store!!
  4. It Gives Me Energy – the natural way, no artificial ingredients
  5. It’s Versatile – change the flavor just by mixing in fruits or spices

I have always been a cereal and milk for breakfast type of girl.   Cereal and milk with a splash of morning TV was my routine for years!  I had no reason to think I would ever change, and Cheerios seemed healthy when compared to the other sugar options.

Three years ago, someone introduced me to Shakeology.  He said he drank it for breakfast everyday and loved it. Shakeology was filling and gave him natural energy.  I was intrigued.

What he didn’t know was I had been literally falling asleep at my desk in the morning. I had plenty of sleep, but I was always tired. It was frustrating! I didn’t like coffee or want to drink cokes in the morning, so I decided to give Shakeology a try.

At first, it was strange. No cereal? No milk?  However, on the first day, I noticed natural energy.  I was full until lunch which was much different than the hunger I felt only an hour after my cereal and milk.

I remember this day so vividly because I didn’t expect Shakeology to have that effect on me. I expected to try it and then cancel my order because, let’s be real, it’s more expensive than cereal and milk.

Three years later, I cannot imagine my morning without a chocolate Shakeology mixed with chia seeds for a little crunch.

Are you tired even after a good night’s sleep?

Are you searching for a healthy, balanced way to start your day?

Shakeology might be for you.  Click here to read about it.  Decide if you want to try it.


Do you drink Shakeology or another meal replacement shake?  Tell me about your experience.