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7 Things Fit People Want for Christmas

Give the perfect gift to the fit person in your life!

Here are 7 types of things you can get them plus links to some of my favorites.
If you’d rather give a gift card, then check out this post.

  1. Tracker gadgets like a FitBit, Garmin, Pavlok
  2. Home Gym Items like adjustable weights, resistance bands, jump ropes
  3. Small Appliances like a fancy blender (Vitamix, Ninja) or a Juicer
  4. Kitchen gadgets like a Spiralizer, Portion Control Containers, Chopper, Apple Corer
  5. On the go accessories like bluetooth headphones, flip belt, cute water bottle
  6. Workout clothes like cute tanks, neon shirts, running shorts
  7. Nutrition like their favorite energy packs, protein bars, shakes

Remember that CUTE COUNTS if you’re buying for a lady.