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Adaptogens are ON TREND – what’s that about?

Have you heard the term adaptogens? 

I’ve noticed the word popping up more often, AND I’ve started to see adaptogens on the ingredient list in normal and boutique products in local shops.

What’s that about?

Adaptogens are really cool – they are a special class of herbs that work to BALANCE your cells – that means they react differently for each person as we all have different imbalances.

Adaptogens are great at boosting stamina, improving mood, and strengthening immunity.

Here’s a great explanation: 

Solle Naturals is the product line I use for 90% of my supplements.  If you have any health or nutrition concerns, then we need to chat about it and find the right thing for you!  We’ll start with a fun symptom quiz!

Note of Caution and a Slight Rant

When something becomes popular, you start to see 100s of options and tons of marketing and fancy packaging. {aka Moon Dust & lots of examples in the video below}

Don’t get fooled or overwhelmed. Do seek help from someone who can help you cut through the options and get the RIGHT THING for you.

I could be that someone for you!

It’s my favorite thing, really.