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Beachbody Coach Summit – My Experience

I’ve been a Beachbody customer and coach since 2011 when I met INSANITY. I fell in love with INSANITY and Shakeology and never stopped using the products. Over the years, I’ve coached a few people who are using Beachbody products like INSANITY or P90x and drinking Shakeology, but it was a hobby to me. It was something I did if someone came to me and asked.

After I became a personal trainer, I started to realize that people need help with nutrition and fitness ALL THE TIME. Not just in the couple hours a week they spend with me, so I turned to Beachbody – my trusted source.

I started connecting with other coaches and developing a plan to help more people than I could help in personal training and classes.  My friend and fellow coach, Kevin, insisted that go to the Coach Summit in Nashville this year. I finally bought the ticket knowing that I was going to “take it back” and not go. But instead – I went – and it was one of the most inspiring, motivating and amazing experiences of my life.

Here’s what I liked:

1. The People – I shared a hotel room with 4 amazing ladies that I would have never met otherwise. I got to workout with my mentors Chalene Johnson and ShaunT.  Surrounded by 20,000 coaches, I truly felt the community that is Team Beachbody.

2. The Message – Each day was packed with messages for LIFE. It wasn’t all about how to succeed with the company, it was about how to be a better human.  Carl Daikeler, the CEO, encouraged us to Be Curious about life and other people.  Dewitt Jones encouraged us to celebrate what’s RIGHT with the world. The theme of the entire event was Every 1 Matters.  I found myself tearing up at least once per speaker. They were speaking to ME.

3. The Celebration – It’s amazing to celebrate the success of so many people who have changed their lives through health and fitness. I loved being in a huge crowd of positive and uplifting people. We were all there because we help ourselves, and we help other people.


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