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New Supplements – My Experience

Is there a company that you tend to trust no matter what?

Like – Apple.  Starbucks. your fav celeb ?

One of my most trusted companies is Beachbody. I’ve used their products for YEARS, so when they came out with a new and improved line of Performance Supplements, I had to try them.  If you are into specific details, then read all of them here.

With all the supplements for before, during and after your workout… it’s hard to know what to  choose. Everyone has an opinion, and there are different options to support different goals.

The main thing to remember is you probably don’t need them all and you definitely don’t want supplements that are full of artificial ingredients. We’re trying to be HEALTHIER right??

Here’s what I liked:

1. The PreWorkout – Energize – It’s BRIGHT yellow and tart like sour apple or lemonade. Quickly I felt energized, but not like jittery coffee energy, like “excited Lauren” energy.

2. The During Workout – Hydrate – It’s BRIGHT yellow too, but tastes like Tang. Orangie… I didn’t notice much at first, but later in the workout I started to feel more focused on completing the exercises. Sometimes I’ll get sidetracked being social or resting, but this time, I was focused on the task at hand. It was an interesting feeling.

3. The Sleepy One – Recharge – It’s vanilla and I don’t usually like vanilla flavors, but I liked this.  It’s hard to tell if it really made me less sore, but I woke up feeling great. I enjoyed having a substantial shake in the evening instead of being tempted to eat less healthy late night options.


Are you looking for a supplement to help increase your fitness results? You can try all of these in a convenient sample pack.  Let’s talk about it! Contact me to get started.

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