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Behind the Scenes at Tony Robbins Date with Destiny Part 1

In 2017, I spent about 30 days volunteering at Tony Robbins events.

Many people have asked questions like –

Why do you keep doing that?

Do they pay you?

What’s exactly are you doing at these events?

Here’s an inside look at Date with Destiny West Palm Beach 2017:

Fun Facts about Tony Events

You always lose track of time.
It could be day 3 or day 9. It could be 10am or 10pm – you have no idea because you’re immersed in what’s happening around you. We call it “Tony Time.”


You get to practice being flexible.
Even on volunteer crew, there are no schedules or exact times for annnnyyyyything. At times that’s annoying, but I’ve noticed the practice being flexible has helped me to carry that into other areas of my life. I spend more time in the present and less time trying to control my environment. That means less stress, yall.


You always get what you NEED even if it’s not what you came for.
I had about 20 friends attending this event for the first time, and they were all nervous. The reason that people get so nervous about it is because they hear it’ll change their life. Fear starts getting loud like “Oh my god, it’s gonna change my life. It’s gonna make me change everything.”

It’s exciting because there’s probably parts of your life that you don’t love, there’s probably parts of your life that could be better. But it’s scary, because sometimes that means letting go of something that is really comfortable for you, or that you really do like, but it’s not serving you.

Date with Destiny only happens twice a year – once in the US and once in Australia. Get involved now by watching I’m Not Your Guru on a Netflix. Bring tissues and an open mind.

If you’ve been to the event, or have questions about it, then I’d love to connect with you!


This is Part 1 in a series called Behind the Scenes at Date with Destiny.