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Big News – Sleep, Energy, Peace, Oh My

Remember this post?  “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

This summer I’ve been pushing myself really hard. I’ve traveled to 3 cities and 2 countries within 4 months.

My former self 1 year ago would have thought this was completely insane.  I’m grateful this is my life right now.

Over the summer, I’ve been able to keep my workouts on track and my nutrition about 80% – I thought I was doing really well {which I was according to my standards}

But I wasn’t FEELING that great. I have been pretty stressed, not sleeping at night without the help of my friend “sleepy zzz” and honestly, moody.

It’s hard for me to even type that because it’s NOT who I am!

I thought I was just overdoing it until I had a conversation with a friend.

My friend suggested that my cells could need some help – it could be that my insides aren’t matching what I’m seeing and being guided by on the outside. 

So I did some research.

I learned some things.

I decided to try some plant based, adaptogenic supplementation.

What happened next?

  • I slept the entire night without waking up and without taking sleepy zzzs.  WHAT.
  • I’m having more energy throughout the day instead of just spurts when I’m excited.
  • I’m feeling more peaceful that I’m on a path that I need to be on.

I feel like I needed to go through this so I could discover something new.

I know other people have similar struggles and want a relief.  People who are “doing everything right” with their fitness and nutrition, but not quite feeling the pay off could benefit from knowing what I have learned.

So, I’m sharing. I’m a connector. It’s my nature.

If you’ve struggled with sleep, energy, digestion, or stress, then I’d love to have a conversation with you.

It starts with this free quiz to give us a direction to work toward. It’s not one size fits all – everything is customized to YOU.

I’m hosting a Test Group in September to add community and support for those looking for answers to these problems. Show your interest by completing the quiz

What would life be like if you slept well, had energy, and didn’t feel so stressed?