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Body Beast – My Experience

When I learned about Body Beast, I thought – “why bother” – I can write plans for myself.

As a personal trainer, I write exercise plans for people every day.  They are all different and customized to each client’s preferences and goals. If you hate an exercise, then I probably won’t make you do it (unless it’s a burpee).  I’m fully capable of writing a resistance training plan for myself, but I wanted to try Body Beast because several of my friends were doing it.  Classic.

But really, it looked interesting and intense AND it came with an app so I could track my workouts on my phone.  I was looking to change up my personal exercise routine after 2 months of INSANITY with no weights, so I dove in with Sagi and Body Beast.

Here’s what I liked:

1. The Moves (no jumping!) – Body Beast is all about building muscle. With the exception of the cardio day, all the exercises are slow and controlled.  After 2 months of INSANITY, I was READY to keep my feet on the ground.

2. The Schedule – In true bodybuilding fashion, each day is devoted to a different muscle group. I’ve personally never trained this way, so it was new for me. I didn’t know if I would like it, but I did! I got noticeably stronger each week.

3. The Burn – When you’re only working one or two body parts at a time (like chest and triceps or just legs), those parts get REALLY tired.  I happen to like that feeling. Ha!  I typically work to lean out using a moderate weight, but this program suggests heavy weights for only a few repetitions.

The entire program is 90 days, and you will get ripped!  I followed the first 30 days and felt really good. I did bow out after the 30 days because I was ready to go back to other types of exercise that I also enjoy.  I like the muscle tone that I gained back after losing it during INSANITY, but I didn’t want to increase it any further.

Girls – Listen Up – lifting weights will not make you huge and manly. It will make you strong and toned.  If you wake up one day and decide you’re at the tone you like, then adjust the training program. It’s as easy as that!!

I definitely recommend Body Beast if you are looking for a weight lifting program that you can do at home or in your own gym.  If you aren’t ready to tackle it on your own, then I’d love to help you gear up for it.

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