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Brain Food for Achievers: Part 1

If you’re an achiever type then you’re totally going to GET what I’m about to say.

In an effort to keep all your plates spinning and accomplish all the things, do you find sometimes your self care or your relationships suffer?

I’ve been labeled an overachiever for most of my life, so I know it’s easy to forget about hobbies, or friends, or soul-filling activities when you’re in the hunt for achievement.

It’s natural – and we all have seasons where certain things are more important – I’d like to offer you some solutions for balance that will actually make it easier for you to succeed.

It’s called Brain Food.

What counts as Brain Food?

Things that:

  • Positively feed your brain
  • Make your life better
  • Help you grow
  • Inspire your to be more creative
  • Encourage you to love yourself more

Of course there are many “food groups” for brain food.

One important one is Live Events or simply meeting other humans in person.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know I’m a master at this right now – Los Angeles, Memphis, Punta Cana all in the last 6 weeks.

I may have just lost you — you’re TOO BUSY for that — but wait!

What’s cool about live events is connecting, sharing ideas, and learning with other people who are similar to you. When we are learning, we are growing, and when we are growing we are happier achievers.

Why are Live Events so Amazing?

They give you:

  • Energy
  • Community
  • Variety
  • Momentum

I want to encourage you to fill up on some brain food this week.

Take Action Now: Go to Fb and type in a topic and find a meetup or event. If that doesn’t work, then ask a friend or ask for a referral.

Yay! You’re going to get some brain food in your life!!

This is Important: When you’re there – you’re excited and motivated – you feel momentum – you write down the inspiration and take an action the same day (or week).

It’s easy to gather information or give information. Be an achiever and take it to the next level!

Once you’ve taken action, send a quick message or call to tell the person that gave you the advice. Thank them for the nugget of information or encouraging words that helped you.
It’s one of the best compliments you can give someone, and it will feel great too!

Take action and show gratitude.

This is Part 1 of a series called Brain Food for Achievers. Check back for Part 2!