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Brain Food for Achievers: Part 3

Ready for another brain food group?

When we are learning, we are growing, and when we are growing we are happier achievers.

Podcasts!! {or Audiobooks}

Omg these are SO EASY.

You may even have a tool laying around the house that can make it even easier!!

We all have this chatter in our head talking nonstop – everyone talks to themselves. It’s not weird. It’s normal.

What if we directed that chatter into something positive and inspiring?

When we can feed our brain some good words, we can have a better life.

Thoughts are things.

This is Important: Our thoughts become things in our reality. Believe it.

When we have good thoughts, our good thoughts become our reality, and we have a better life. Yay!!

Places to LISTEN to a podcast or book

Things that:

  • Positively feed your brain
  • Make your life better
  • Help you grow
  • Inspire your to be more creative
  • Encourage you to love yourself more

It’s a great alternative to listening to the news or listening to people around you that might be complaining about life. You can do this in NO EXTRA TIME.

Pro Tip: Use an old iPhone to keep in your space for listening to your brain food. You won’t be bombarded by notifications from your real phone, and your dedicated device will trigger you to listen.

My Top 5 Podcasts {one Audiobook}:

The Tony Robbins Podcast – Check Out Episode: Why We Do What We Do

The Charged Life – Check Out This Episode: Smart Goals are DUMB

Tara Brach – Check Out Episode: Darkness of the Womb

The Daily Boost – Check Out This Episode: Your Experience Mindset

Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery – 4 hours of GOLD for a man or woman.

I’m currently obsessed with learning about relationships and how men and women relate to each other. It’s fascinating.

Drop me a line if you’d like to know the other 2 books I’m reading on this topic. (Only if you’re ready for eye opening info. Wow.)

What’s your favorite podcast or audiobook?


This is Part 3 of a series called Brain Food for Achievers. Here’s Part 1 and 2 if you missed it. Check back for the final installment Part 4!