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How to Build Financial Freedom: Part 1

Would you like more financial freedom?

Not sure what that even means?

To me financial freedom means never having to worry if you “have the money” to do something you want to do.

It means having investments or businesses that produce income while you sleep.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all billion dollar number. It’s different for everyone.

Do you want to have more peace around your money?  If yes, it’s time to start now. 

How do you start building financial freedom for yourself?

Notice the words start and build.

You must start as soon as possible in order to maximize your compounding interest and you must build this system over time. Unless you win the lottery or inherit a large some of money, financial freedom isn’t going to arrive at your in a couple days. It’s going to be build by consistent action.

How do I start?

There are two sides to the equation.

What you EARN vs what you SPEND.

First let’s tackle one aspect of spending because everyone is doing that!

Start by paying attention to what you’re spending and deciding if it’s WORTH IT to you.

Ask yourself: Am I getting value from this service or thing?

Personal Story:

I was scheduling an appointment with someone the other day, and I noticed how cute and easy their scheduling website was. I schedule appointments for my business with a software service like that so I was curious about it.  Then, a pop-up asked if I wanted to take a tour and see pricing.


A few moments later, I realized that this service does everything mine does and it only costs $10 a month.  I’ve been paying $75 for 3 years. {enter momentary outrage}

For years, I’ve been unaware that there’s a system that could do this job for so much cheaper. I was happy to pay what it costs and get my service. But now, I’m thinking of all the other ways I could use $65 a month!

In this case, I’m not brand-loyal or loving the people at the company. I just need a service. To me, this is a case where I transition to a new system and put that money somewhere that brings me joy.

You don’t HAVE to be on a budget.

Just pay attention to where you’re money is going and if it’s where you really want it to go.

Action:  Take 20 minutes to review your transactions over the last 2 months. Identify recurring charges and decide if you still want them.

The savings could easily buy you a massage or a plane ticket somewhere tropical.  Or, the savings could go straight to your investment fund.

We all have limited time and money {even billionaires} so spend it in a way that brings you happiness, not in a way that makes you feel nothing.


What did you find when you reviewed your transactions? Tell me about it!


This is Part 1 in a Series called How to Build Financial Freedom.