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How to Build Financial Freedom: Part 2

Would you like more financial freedom?

Not sure what that even means?

To me financial freedom means never having to worry if you “have the money” to do something you want to do.

It means having investments or businesses that produce income while you sleep.

In Part 1, I shared that we have two sides to the equation.

What you EARN vs what you SPEND.

Since we’ve identified one way to spend differently, let’s look a one way you could earn differently.

The Side Hustle

My community overwhelmingly said that “side hustles” are a good thing and even a necessary thing. Only a few thought the term had a negative connotation.

I’m all about the side hustle! 

To me it’s a way to bring in additional income or even a full-time income doing something you REALLY want to do.

It’s the opposite of that 9-5 job you hate!

We spend most of our lives at work or working for a living, so shouldn’t we enjoy it?


Not sure what your side hustle could be?

It’s easy to look at things you’re already doing and decide if they could generate money for you.  Sometimes that’s the answer and other times you have to uncover something totally new.

Personal story:

During the summers in college, I used to sew quilts. I loved the creative process and having a finished product to show at the end of it. Naturally people would say “you should sell your quilts.”  I wasn’t really about that, but one day I decided to commission a quilt.


I hated it.


Creating someone else’s vision took all the fun out of the process for me. This is why I never did it again and why I don’t have a side hustle on Etsy.


It wasn’t for me. Sewing is sometimes still my hobby, but not my side hustle.

After I’d been working in a traditional office setting for a few years, I was intently looking for my next side hustle.

This time, I was looking for a way out of traditional employment.

I started getting interested in helping people with their fitness and nutrition. I was helping people for free and loving it. One day it hit me – I could do this and get paid and maybe leave my day job.

Less than a year later, I became a certified personal trainer transitioned out of my full-time job. {you could have a similar success}

Three years later, I’m working on another side hustle. I’m excited to help people build their financial freedom so they can do more of what they really want to do each day.

Could you use more of that in your life?  Tell me more.


This is Part 2 in a Series called How to Build Financial Freedom.  If you missed it, check out Part 1