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Career Change for Achievers: Part 2

If you’re an achiever who finds yourself in an average career that’s slowly becoming soul-draining, then listen up!

YOU CAN have a career that fulfills you, bring you joy, and brings you income.

Three years ago this month I became completely self-employed. After college, I took a series of jobs that were not fulfilling and at the end completely soul-draining.

When enough was enough – I finally took action that led me to a space where I could quit my day job.

You CAN keep your day job while you take action on finding something that feeds your soul.

Pro Tip: Don’t quit your job and hope for the best. Take deliberate ACTION.

If you don’t know what you’d rather do, then practice opening your awareness. Go out into the world and try new things!

Ways to Try New Things

  1. Search Facebook events
  2. Browse
  3. Go to that class you’ve always been curious about
  4. Check community bulletin boards in local spaces


Go to an event or meeting that you would not normally go to.

If you will go to a place with other humans, then something magical will happen!

“Proximity is power! Whether it’s your business, health, finances, or relationships – surrounding yourself with people who are already successful in that area allows you to model what is proven to work, helping you compress decades into days.” – Tony Robbins

In 2011, I randomly saw a flyer for a “fit club” in my apartment building. I didn’t work out besides an occasional yoga class, so I was a little concerned about going, but I went anyway.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Upon arrival, I found INSANITY projected onto the wall and I felt certain I would die.

I didn’t die.

I made some new friends.

I found a spark that would grew into a really big fire.

That one decision to go to a Fit Club led to me figuring out that I loved fitness, helping people, and feeling the energy of live events.

What’s your one event going to be?

What’s your story going to be?

You don’t know yet — but you could know it by this weekend.

This is important: Take Action Now.

If you know where you want to go in your career, then find a meetup that will get you near people that are already in that field or job.

Meet those people!!

Comment below and tell me what you’ve experienced!

This is Part 2 of a series called Career Change for Achievers. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it. Check back for Part 3!