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Career Change for Achievers: Part 3

If you’re an achiever who finds yourself in an average career that’s slowly becoming soul-draining, then listen up!

YOU CAN do something TODAY to take your toward a more fulfilling career that brings you joy and rewards you financially.

Three years ago this month I became completely self-employed. After college, I took a series of jobs that were not fulfilling and at the end completely soul-draining.

When enough was enough – I finally took action that led me to a space where I could quit my day job.

Today we’re going to make a list called “30 People in 30 Days.”

Write down anyone you can think of that’s IN the field you’re interested in AND anyone who is affiliated with that field.

For example, my field was health and fitness so I asked people who worked at gyms as well as people who GO to gyms. My friend connected me with her corporate wellness coordinator, and I learned about a career path that I had never heard of before.

Where to Find 30 People

  • People currently in the field
  • Customers of the field
  • People who “know a lot of people”
  • Ask THOSE people who THEY know

At first your list might be short – 5-10 people. That’s okay!! You’re going to ask the people on your short list who they know! It will grow. Don’t worry!

Next, start calling those people and asking for them to share their experience.  You’re not asking for a job or a personal recommendation. You’re asking for insight.

Pro Tip: Keep it short. Be grateful.

Most people will take at least 5 minutes to share their experience with someone like you who is polite and curious!

This isn’t scary!

You’re just asking for their EXPERIENCE.

People want to help you!

Why 30 days?

Because if you’re serious about making a change, you need to build momentum and get this ball rolling! You’ve got to get off the nail.

I heard a story from my friend Bob about an old dog lying on the front porch. A neighbor approached the porch and could hear the dog softly moaning. He asked his friend why the dog was whimpering. And the owner said: “He’s lying on a nail.” Predictably the man said, “Well, why doesn’t he move?” To which the owner replied, “I guess it doesn’t hurt quite that much yet.” – Dan Miller

This is important: Take Action Today.

What is your field?

I would love to help you add people to your list!

This is Part 3 of a series called Career Change for Achievers. Here’s Part 1 and 2 if you missed it. Check back for Part 4!