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Career Change for Achievers: Part 4

If you’re an achiever who finds yourself in an average career that’s slowly becoming soul-draining, then listen up!

YOU CAN do something TODAY to take your toward a more fulfilling career that brings you joy and rewards you financially.

Three years ago this month I became completely self-employed. After college, I took a series of jobs that were not fulfilling and at the end completely soul-draining.

When enough was enough – I finally took action that led me to a space where I could quit my day job.

Today’s tip is SO IMPORTANT – it could be THE MOST important thing!

There are 2 kinds of people to watch for – people who are going to support you and people who are going to bring you down.

I say this all in love and respect – no one is right or wrong – however it will help you to surround yourself with people who support you in your quest for changing careers.

Look For People Who

  • Lift you up
  • Have already been down this path
  • Inspire you to work harder
  • Offer helpful advice

Pro Tip: Consider hiring a coach. A career coach can help you navigate your options or a specialized coach could help you build skills you need for a certain job.

When you have a coach – you will get accelerated results.

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” ― John Wooden

I hired a career coach in 2012 for only 6 sessions – it was expensive – it was intense – but it was SO WORTH IT.

Watch Out For People Who

  • Are not supportive
  • Cause feelings of doubt
  • Who tell you it’s not possible

You don’t have to stop being their friend, but you can limit your time with them or limit the conversation around this topic.

I’m sure they mean well, love you, and want to support you; however, if they are not lifting you up onto this career change path, then they are holding you back.

That’s not cool.

Be mindful of what the power of people can be in this transition.

If you aren’t strong and confident in your transition or in what you’re doing {which is so normal and okay!} and you have someone in your ear causing more doubts, then that could hold you back.

Be around people that will lift you up! They will be fuel to your fire.

Put your blinders on – find uplifting people, hire a coach and rock this career change!

This is Part 4 of a series called Career Change for Achievers. Here’s Part 12 and 3 if you missed it. Check back for Part 5!