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Career Change for Achievers: Part 6

If you’re an achiever who finds yourself in an average career that’s slowly becoming soul-draining, then listen up!

YOU CAN do something TODAY to take your toward a more fulfilling career that brings you joy and rewards you financially.

Three years ago this month I became completely self-employed. After college, I took a series of jobs that were not fulfilling and at the end completely soul-draining.

When enough was enough – I finally took action that led me to a space where I could quit my day job.

Today’s tip is super IMPORTANT for your forward motion during this transition.

You’re going to need a map!

Throughout this series, we’ve been working toward identifying where it is that you want to go, so now we can start to draw a map.

Your map will show you steps, actions, and milestones along the way.  The purpose of the map is to give you a clearer picture of how the next 6 months could look.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Joel A. Barker

This is important: Don’t get married to your map.

So many things can happen along this journey to change the shape of your map. Don’t be afraid to let it evolve and grow as you get closer to your goal!

All the actions you’re going to take and the people you’re going to connect with will lead you to a place you may never have imagined.

When I was planning my career change, I made up a schedule of clients with fake names and fake goals, and I listed them on a calendar so that I could SEE how my future life could look. At first, it was hard to imagine, but as I practiced and got more clear on what I wanted, those clients started showing up in my life.

Your map is going to help you convince your brain to believe that this is going to happen – you need your brain on your side.

If your brain isn’t on your side, it’s going to think of all the reasons why your career change is NOT going to happen.

Nobody has time for that!!

We need to SEE and focus on all the reasons that it IS going to happen.

Pro Tip: Make this a fun process! Get creative!

As you create your map, your brain will go to work on making this a reality in your life.

Believe it. Do it. Work on it.

What do you SEE happening in your life in the next 6 months?


This is Part 6 of a series called Career Change for Achievers. Here’s Part 1234, and 5 if you missed it.