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choosing more joy

TLDR : Choose YOUR JOY more often + here’s how I can help in December 🎄

Idk if you know this about me… I was a straight A student all through school 📚 with a few exceptions here and there 🤓 I have a distinct memory of a college class that felt like soooo much work.. I remember feeling like.. I can work my face off to get an A, or I can chill and get a B.. this time, it was worth the B 🫢

While you could take that a lot of ways – 

In that moment, for me – it felt like freedom and personal power 🔥 


I was choosing not to let a class that didn’t mean anything to me long term take up my entire focus and effort. 


I chose to chill and of course I got the B, and I don’t regret it {probably if I had a true all As streak, I would have felt differently} 😹

I’m sharing this because a similar vibe comes to mind as we close out 2023.


It’s a good time to ask yourself : 

What goals feel worth hustling to finish in 2023? 

What goals feel good to delete or extend into 2024?


It doesn’t mean anything about you either way 👌


Things only mean what we make them mean. 


When we CHOOSE the action + intention + meaning, we feel GOOD. 


I’m here for more JOY and less feeling bad about stuff 👏


I’d love to hear your example of this concept if one comes to mind!!


Here’s what I chose when I asked myself those questions :


My 100 Hours in the last 100 days of the year goal is moving on into January 😹 and that’s totally fine with me! It was a bit aggressive from the start – and I COULD do it.. but I’m a no {practicing my human design authority}

My Hosting 6 Workshops this year goal is at #5 – and as we race to NYE – I don’t really FEEL like doing a 6th, but I CHOOSE that this is a goal I can get in the mood for and complete. 


Since I decided to make it happen – I started having fresh ideas and I’m happy to share a tiny bit with you now!


Click for quick details + pay what you want through November 30th.

I’m excited to take action and celebrate the end of 2023 with some of you!


This is part of my goal to create one pretty + informative or fun email per month in 2023, so here’s the catalog!