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Solle Specialist Start-Up Challenge!

Solle Specialist Start-Up Challenge!

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  1. How to sign in and set up your Solle website dashboard [VIDEO] Erik
  2. Watch the videos that will help you:
  • Set up your Solle Safe order-
  • Set up EFT direct deposit.
  • Fill out your 10-99.
  • Personalize your website address.
  1. Get Text Updates From Solle
  • Text Solle-specialist to 21000 to get specialist texts.
  • Test Solle to 21000 to get product texts.
  1. Get Connected With The Team Groups:
  1. Get connected with leadership:
  1. The Power of the health assessment and storytelling
  2. Complete the Solle Pro Product Certification

Here are the documents you need for the Solle Specialist Start Up Challenge as well as the course checklist. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me or one of the team mentors.

This course is set up to be completed in two weeks. Please follow the course as such and Do NOT jump ahead! Good luck!



Solle Product SuccessTracker.pdf