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Eating Healthy – The Easy Way

We tend to make “eating healthy” much more difficult than it actually is.  When you think about eating healthier, do you start to question the difference between brown rice, quinoa or whole wheat pasta?  Do you get caught up in researching vegan, gluten free or paleo diets because that’s the new “thing”?

Let me tell you an easier way to start making a change toward healthier eating habits.


Okay – that’s a little gross – but think about it:

Veggies, fruits, chicken, fish – all once alive

Cereal, ranch dressing, chips, cookies – never alive

You might say that the main ingredient of those items was once alive, but that’s my point. Man-made foods with more than one ingredient are problem foods.   I’m not saying to never eat them, but I’m saying that if you want to make changes, then make them simple.  Choose more foods in their original forms that were once alive.

Now make it even more simple and go buy a precut, prewashed veggie tray.  It doesn’t get easier than that!

You can do this!  Don’t overthink it!

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