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How to Have More Energy – Get Rid of These!

Ever feel like you could use more energy?

Last week, I talked about creating your super unique and amazing “bus” to give you a visual for your daily life.

It’s based on the book  The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy. It’s a quick read and super valuable.

Today, I want to give you an important tip to take your bus to the next level!

What should you watch out for and never let on your bus?

Energy Vampires. Ew!

I’m all for gold sparkly vampires {Twilight Fan} but energy vampires are LAME.

An Energy Vampire can be a person, place or thing.

Energy Vampire people are EASY to spot.  They walk into a room and suck the energy right out of it.

We can be respectful to these people, but we don’t need to purposefully spend time around them. Okay!?

If you feel your energy being drained by a certain human, then find a way to exit the situation!

If it’s someone you care about, possibly lend them this book! lol

It’s up to YOU to conserve your energy! It’s your most valuable resource.

Energy Vampire places might be harder to spot, but once you start paying attention through this lens, you’ll probably see them with ease.

For me, most inside spaces are energy vampires! I feel drained under fluorescent lighting, so for my energy it’s important to have a window with some sunlight coming through!

Energy Vampire things are similar to places and could be related to processes or chores around your office or home.

When I see dirty dishes or clutter on my desk, I feel drained. Interestingly, I feel energized when I clear the clutter and with the final result.

Notice the things that drain your energy and do what you can to minimize them.

You have a big enough job keeping your energy UP. Don’t let it be derailed by simple things you can fix!

I’d love to know about your Energy Bus. Send me a note or tag me online!


This is Part 2 in a series called How to Have More Energy. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it.