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Firewalking Part 4 – Behind the Scenes at Tony Robbins UPW

Have you ever walked on fire?

Crazy question, right?

If you’ve ever been  to a Tony Robbins event – specifically Unleash the Power Within, then chances are high that you’re now a firewalker!

In November 2017, I attended my 4th UPW event and walked on fire for the 4th time.

As a veteran crew member, I had a role I never had before.

I was the second person giving directions before participants would step onto the fire.

Talk about pressure – I received extra training to make sure I was prepared for this job. I didn’t want the nervous participants to think I was nervous! lol  By “showtime” I knew exactly what to do!

What can you learn from walking on fire?

Anytime you try something new, it’s a good opportunity to see how you react to the challenges you have to face in life and to gain awareness.

In this case it’s about facing something scary, something you’ve never done before.

Maybe your attitude is like “no big deal” and you go for it, or maybe it is the complete opposite.

Either way, you can learn a lot about yourself!

If you’re someone that charges toward the fire with an “I’m doing this!”, “I got this!” attitude, you’re probably like that in many areas of your life and always up for a challenge.

Or maybe you think “I don’t know about this.” – you have to gather all the facts, and you take your time to make a decision, then you’re probably like that in life as well.

If you’re a shy and hesitant to take on something that you have never done before because it might be scary, and you don’t feel like you have any certainty about it, then you can ask yourself “Where else am I doing this? Am I doing this in my relationships? In my career? Am I doing this to my self-esteem?”

It is very likely that this behavior is showing up somewhere else.

The more you have awareness of what you’re like and what you’re patterns are like, the more you can mold that behavior to fit what is going to be your best life.

Remember – your style is your style – there’s nothing right or wrong about it. You can decide to update it as it fits your needs, goals, and desires for life.

Cheers do YOU living the best life ever!   So, tell me, would you walk on fire!?


This is Part 5 in a series called Entrepreneur Travel Life!  Here is Part 1 , 2,  3, and 4 if you missed it.