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First Hello Fresh Box — My Experience

I have a confession –

I really hate going to the grocery store – I avoid it at all costs.

I can survive on Lenny’s, Shakeology, and frozen leftovers for a LONG time before I give in to grocery shopping.

At times this habit is a tad ridiculous. In my mind, I’m someone that CAN COOK and fend for herself, so I wanted to make a change.

I finally googled Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and read a few blog posts comparing them and some others. Then, I got a coupon in the mail for Hello Fresh as if the universe was pushing me to try it — so I did.

Yall – getting my first box was so exciting! It was way more fun than grocery shopping. You can watch it here if you want to laugh.

Almost everything I needed was in a pretty package just waiting for me to follow the instructions and cook it.

The best part was the meals fit with my nutrition plan! Winning!!

So there you have it — contrary to popular belief and excuse, you can lose weight or maintain your results without spending hours in the kitchen, hours shopping, or hours planning.

Would you like me to hold your hand and show you how?

Meal Recap with a fun fact:

Chicken and my first farro:


Pork chop and “grated,” but really diced, zucchini salad with mint was curiously good:


I may or may not have used a watermelon knife to cut the steak:


Get $20 off of your first box and send me a note after you try it!!