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Fit Fam Feature – Greg Bernstein

Name : Greg Bernstein

Age : 40

Currently living In : Memphis, Tenn.

Workplace : Baptist Memorial Healthcare Corporation

Smile2GetFit member since : March 2015

Motivation to start living healthier : Life is short! Live it and be awesome!

What’s been easy along the way? : Easy? What’s that?

What’s been the most difficult? : Letting go of bad dieting habits.

What are you most proud of? : My best attempt at 90 days of P90X – I got in awesome shape!

How do you celebrate milestones? : Smiles, hugs, and naps

Favorite way to get fit : Long slow runs

First word that comes to mind when I say Burpees : Go!

Go to healthy meal : Salad bar at Jason’s Deli

Favorite food you didn’t like before : I am a Shakeology drinking fool. {lol greenberry at that!}

Favorite “fun” food : “Butterfinger” protein shake {we might need the recipe!}

What makes you smile? : Sometimes it’s just the awareness that I have a decision to try to be happy – and then I smile.

Being healthy is a journey – What’s next? : Zion 100K ultra-marathon April 7th 2017.

Where can we bump into you? : Wolf River trails, Life Time Fitness

What can we call you for help with? : Fitness plan of attack, motivation, cheering up (find me on Facebook)

Favorite Greg-ism : Slippy [adj.], Gregism, (1) Tending to cause slipping, like slippery but better. Slippery in a fun context. “Watch out for the slippy snow.” “I would hug you after that sweaty awesome workout but you’re too slippy.”