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Fit Fam Feature – Maureen Carlsson

Name : Maureen Carlsson

Age : 36

Currently living In : Germantown, Tenn.

For work I : am a stay at home mom and wife. Busy taking care my family (three kids – almost 11, 6 and 4 years old AND my fur baby, Jackie O. And of course, my hubby). I cook, clean, run errands – groceries, pay bills, other important stuff, driver for my kids, nurse when family are sick, organizer/administrator, party planner, decorator, and also I am hobby Beachbody coach.

Smile2GetFit member since : September 2016

Motivation to start living healthier :  I wanted to look good in a bikini. ? I knew about exercising but didn’t have any knowledge about healthy eating. I was committed with working out but my eating habits were not consistent. I will be good for few weeks and fall back. Then I will be good again for a month and then fall back for three months. I kept making excuses after excuses. Kids got sick, can’t go to gym and workout. Holidays, birthdays, get together, and etc… Once I got trainer and start eating healthy, I was on the healthier track but I gave myself too many cheat meals and I realized all that healthy eating, once I ate junk and greasy food, it didn’t sit well with me and made me nauseous and overall, didn’t feel well. My body was rejecting unhealthy food. So that’s when I decided to stay on track and eat healthy. Plus my mom has diabetes and high blood pressure, and I want to take myself for myself and my family.

What’s been easy along the way? : Nothing was easy!

What’s been the most difficult? : Eating healthy and stay on track and 60 day fitness program challenge. ( I get bored by week 5/6).

What are you most proud of? : I lost 20 lbs and maintaining my weights since I started this healthy/fitness journey almost two years ago.

How do you celebrate milestones? : Buy myself a new pair of workout shoes!

Favorite way to get fit : Lifting weights! And dance!

First word that comes to mind when I say Burpees : oh crap!

Go to healthy meal : Taco salad

Favorite food you didn’t like before : Avocado

Favorite “fun” food : Chia pudding!

What makes you smile? : Laughter, happy memories, food, my kids and husband

Being healthy is a journey – What’s next? : Working on my abs, 80/20 rules – keep eating healthy and exercising !

Where can we bump into you? : of course, TARGET!! and the coffee shop. Def grocery store in healthy isles.

What can we call you for help with? : Balancing being a busy mom with healthy habits. (Find me on FB)

Favorite Maureen-ism: “do you, be you, be for real, rawness and be honesty, do what makes you happy”