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Moving to Florida : Day 10 – What’s Wrong?

Day 10 was A LOT to summarize.  I traveled back from the Bahamas and returned to my “not at all unpacked” new apartment.

Familiar feelings washed over me for most of the day, and I generally didn’t enjoy it. Upon reflection, I see a lot of things that were right about the day, and I’m reminded that it is my choice to give more focus and attention to what’s wrong or to what’s right.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Going “home” means going to the beach! That’s pretty cool!
  • I showed up for my class as the group leader even though I really didn’t feel like it {read crying in the car on the way there}.
  • My awesome support system reminded me that all of these feelings are OKAY, and I can choose what to do next.

The Bad

  • Sooo many feelings of overwhelm, sadness, not enough-ness.. they just didn’t stop today! yuck.

Beautiful Moments

  • FaceTime with David.
  • Taking side hustle consult calls from the beach.

Lessons Learned

  • It’s okay to not have everything figured out and sorted out. I can grant myself the space to let things develop.


  • Continuing with my commitments {class, client calls, Facebook live} actually makes me feel better at least for a moment. I’m happy that I have become someone who keeps those commitments even on “bad days” because my word is important.


How do you cope with days that feel like everything is wrong?


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