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Moving to Florida : Day 13 – Making Dreams Come True {Interview with Chris Kurtz}

I’m excited to introduce you to my friend Chris Kurtz.  We met in college on yearbook staff and have stayed in touch ever since.

When I first visited Ft Lauderdale to see my boyfriend in January 2018, Chris was the only other person I knew in the area. We met up on my first visit, and I was amazed at his story of leaving Nashville and making a home in Florida.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Friend and fitness time with Chris at Hugh Taylor Birch Park.
  • Deciding to visit my boyfriend in the Bahamas again.
  • Excellent calls with my side hustle team and mentor.

The Bad

  • Chris convinced me to RUN about a mile during our workout meetup. LOL

Beautiful Moments

  • Arriving to the beach where I fell in love with Ft Lauderdale.
  • Realizing I have the freedom to travel because I want to even if my voices say it’s “irresponsible, or stupid”

Lessons Learned

  • Talking through things with a friend can be the best medicine. I can talk through something a few times without “living in it” and holding myself back.


  • Remembering that life is uncertain and being committed to my OUTCOME, not my method will cause me to win. In dealing with things out of my control, I can choose to be sad/angry/whiny, or I can choose to engage my network, my creativity, and my persistence to get the outcome I want.


Who can you be inspired by in your life? How can you allow that inspiration to put you into action?


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