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Moving to Florida : Day 14 – The Love Story

I’m shocked that I’m only 2 weeks into this move.  So much has happened in such a short time.

We had a perfect plan that was coming together so nicely, and then everything changed.

Yes, we had some meltdowns over it, but we chose to refocus on what’s important and what we really want – to be together.

There’s always a way even if the Universe seems to be making it difficult.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • I arrived in the Bahamas and reunited with David!
  • We had the best chats and just hung out together.
  • I had an excellent planning call with my mentor on the way to the airport! Cool things are in the works for my clients!!

The Bad

  • My taxi to the boat was a van from 1980 with no A/C. Lol #firstworldproblems

Beautiful Moments

  • The first sight and greeting when we reunite – that’s the best part of being long distance.
  • Chatting with my parents as a couple.

Lessons Learned

  • Supporting each other is the secret sauce to getting through anything difficult – ask what the other person needs and finding a way to give it.


  • I noticed how easy it was to come through customs and get a taxi this time! Just doing it ONE TIME before gave me so much more confidence and peace. I can apply this to other areas of life too!


How do you support the people you love? Do you ask them what they need from you?


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