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Moving to Florida : Day 17 – Formula for Feelings

Today, I noticed myself using my body to make my negative feelings more prevalent.


First, it might help to be aware of a principle Tony Robbins teaches called “The Triad” – simply – we use our BODY, WORDS, and FOCUS to create our emotions – like a formula for feelings.

I noticed while walking at the shops that I was crossing my arms and feeling worse {more sad about leaving}. So, I decided to not let myself cross my arms to see what happened.  I noticed it was harder to go to “being sad” when I didn’t have my arms crossed.


Quick Overview

The Good

  • Woke up in the Bahamas with David.
  • Flew in the sky like like bird safely and quickly back to my palm tree covered home.
  • Found a new pizza place and started my hunt for a “Memphis Pizza Cafe” replacement.

The Bad

  • All the feelings and thoughts of worry and loss – crying with the Uber driver and nearly crying when someone asked if I wanted a glass of water. {kind of have to laugh at that now}

Beautiful Moments

  • Airport goodbyes and laughs at how silly we are.
  • Chats with my girlfriends about life.

Lessons Learned

  • My story around challenges is what makes them manageable or miserable. I get to write that story, so I’m working to write one that includes me happy in my daily life.


  • Comparing this week to last week, I have definitely grown in my ability to bounce forward and choose a more powerful course of action. Yes, it’s okay to have meltdowns, but no, it doesn’t feel that great and it doesn’t get me anywhere. It’s nice to realize that I really can choose and I really do have options.

How do you use your body when you’re experiencing emotions {good or bad}?


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