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Moving to Florida : Day 19 – Better Days

I’m so happy to report that Day 19 was a good day!  Even – great day – with the way it ended.

I decided to find something else to do other than be upset, and the universe showed up for me.

I mention in the video that I was feeling fake if I said “everything is awesome” in Florida, when really one big thing is missing. I discovered that I could BE AWESOME just because that’s who I am – not because of my current circumstances. #breakthrough

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Midday walk followed by a sea swim!
  • Got some admin out of the way and some more boxes unpacked which is helping me to feel settled and at home.
  • Had the BEST call with my group for my Landmark class. Turns out that every person on the call is in a relationship with someone from another country. I got to hear love stories of overcoming obstacles and being together. I felt so loved and optimistic after this call – I’m amazed at the coincidence that every person would be in a similar situation as I am.

The Bad

  • SUPER hot sand.  I actually had tiny burns!! lol

Beautiful Moments

  • Experiencing the authentic, raw sharing of my group members love stories.
  • Seeing the sun rise and set.

Lessons Learned

  • Life feels A LOT better when I decide to be happy or be positive in the face of uncertainty.


  • I decided not to focus on my sad story and instead focus on my actions. In the past, it took me daaaaaaaaays to get to this point and this time it took barely 24 hours! Yay, Lauren!

Do you like sharing your life stories with others?


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