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Moving to Florida : Day 20 – Celebration Day

Oh. My. Gosh. Day 20 was a huge day!

I’m happy to report that I felt amazing and got ish done today!!

Quick Overview

The Good

  • I got my Florida car registration AND my Driver’s License in 2 hours from two separate locations!  That timing is unheard of, AND I’m pumped that I’m totally, officially a Floridian!
  • I figured out that basic Old Navy flip flops make great “sand shoes”
  • My motivation and reward for getting up super early for “Admin Day” was bacon at a new-to-me diner, AND I got to chat with some locals.

The Bad

  • Nothing really — maybe getting up early or not getting ALL the admin completed.

Beautiful Moments

  • I had the best chat with my friend Katie who is creating big things in the world {a wellness, farm-to-table retreat space in Denver, what!}
  • Got to chat with my guy in the Bahamas with some really really beautiful sights from Exumas.

Lessons Learned

  • Patience and asking questions keeps me in a good mood when tasks get frustrating or annoying.


  • I told my inner voice to STFU when it started asking how long this happiness would last. Then, I looked for ways to entertain myself this weekend via Facebook events and found some cool stuff! It’s growth because it’s ACTION much sooner than I would have before.

What are you celebrating today!?


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