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Moving to Florida : Day 26 – Make It Fun

Do you like to have fun!?

I do 🙂

Sometimes when life’s little tasks start to wear you down, it’s good to stop and ask : How can I make this fun?

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Got to visit with my Tony Robbins crew friend at a new to me coffee shop!
  • Enjoyed a Turmeric Latte!
  • Found a new area of town with all the chain restaurants!

The Bad

  • I’ve forgotten what it’s like to eat veggies. #pizza

Beautiful Moments

  • Hugging my friend!
  • Endless FaceTime and laughs with my guy.

Lessons Learned

  • The longer I delay something the worse it gets. I am realizing what life could be like if I just ask “How could I make this fun?” and then proceed to ACT skipping all the crap in between.


  • I’m noticing more balanced and happier days. I think I’m getting the hang of transition, flexibility, and daily life.

How can you have more fun today?


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