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Moving to Florida : Day 29 – Taylor Swift!!!

Omggg nearly a year of anticipation ended tonight.

Taylor Swift was incredible.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Paddle board yoga adventures!
  • Lots of yummy food and girl chats!
  • TAYLOR SWIFT Reputation Tour with really great seats!!

The Bad

  • Ummm… not having front row seats?? lol

Beautiful Moments

  • Hearing two of my favorite songs mashed together in a piano medley – Long Live and New Years Day. I have two separate beautiful memories with these songs.
  • Spending the day with an awesome person who makes it easy to chat and spend time together.

Lessons Learned

  • Going to a concert late is the way to do it! We got in zero traffic, waited in zero lines, and got to our seats about 10 minutes before Taylor got on stage. Brilliant!


  • At the concert, I focused on really being there in the moment and soaking it all in. I didn’t try to capture it all on social or photo/video. It was beautiful.

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?


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