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Moving to Florida : Day 5 – The Unexpected

The last week has been full of unexpected things – not in a bad way, but in a “yay, we get to solve this puzzle” way.  It’s all in the way you frame it.

Each of us could take the same situation and make it mean something amazing or something terrible. The facts are the same either way!  I’ve been practicing to choose amazing because that just feels better!

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Got back in my work groove and chatted with several people about my new accountability program!
  • Saw the chiropractor!
  • Gazed at the beach, palm trees and beautiful sky most of the day.

The Bad

  • oh the voices! Awareness is a good thing, and sometimes it’s just annoying. I hosted a group call tonight where we talked about the “internal dialogue” that’s always happening – I call it mental chatter or the voices – and the more we talked about it, the more I noticed it in my evening – so much commentary and sooo annoying. I’m hopeful that my awareness will turn into acceptance over time, and I’ll be less annoyed and bothered. I’ll learn to tune them out.

Beautiful Moments

  • Booking a flight to the Bahamas to see my boyfriend. {the unexpected}
  • Celebrating with a client who hit his weight loss goal for the week!

Lessons Learned

  • When you feel the resistance, but know it’s for the greater good, lean in without being grumpy about it.


  • I hosted my first group call for my class!  I’ve hosted many calls; however, I’ve never hosted one using someone else’s guidelines, agenda and rules. It was a stretch for me to accept and agree to do it “their way” but I’m committed to growth, so I did my best!


How do you deal with the unexpected?


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