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Moving to Florida : Day 6 – New Places

In the last month, I’ve been to soooo many new places. Boston, Cape Cod, Chicago, a million places in the car between Memphis and Ft Lauderdale, and now – The Bahamas.

It’s been a whirlwind month, and I have noticed something cool.  I’m mostly chill about it. I have a “show up and it will work out” attitude. I haven’t always had that. In the past, I’d want to know exactly what it would be like and all the “what ifs” before I would take action.  I see now how much that limited me.

Not anymore.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Reunited with David in the Bahamas!! Yay!!!
  • Had a super knowledgeable Lyft driver on the way to the airport who told me all about places I needed to experience in South Florida.
  • Went on a tour of the island via jet ski.

The Bad

  • Had this overwhelming guilty feeling that I “shouldn’t” be spending the time and money to come on this trip. The mental chatter was loud and even came with physical feelings, but I told it to shhhhhhh and did what I wanted to do anyway.

Beautiful Moments

  • That first hug after weeks of being apart.
  • Seeing the bright teal Caribbean water for the first time in nearly a year.

Lessons Learned

  • Feeling fear or guilt is just part of being a human. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something.


  • Huge day of firsts! First time traveling internationally alone, first time riding in a car with the driver on the right, first time riding in a car with someone who obeyed zero traffic laws, first time sleeping on a boat.  Feels good to be expanding my horizons.


When was the last time you went somewhere new? When is the next?


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