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How to Be More Flexible {not like yoga}

Ever been in a situation where your natural behaviors are challenged?

I have!

My experience with Tony Robbins events has definitely helped me to become more flexible and therefore a more relaxed and enjoyable person.

At my first event, I was like everyone else – I wanted to know what time the event would start, when we’d break for lunch, when it would be over, and all the other obvious things humans like to know about their environment.

None of those facts exist in “Tony Land” {my made up term}, so I learned REALLY quickly that I would need to adapt if I wanted to keep my stress level low.

Tony says the people with the highest tolerance for uncertainty (or flexibility) will have the most amazing quality of live.

Today I got to practice that even more!

Here’s a snapshot plus a really amazing view of Las Vegas:

What happens if you’re not flexible?

If you’re not flexible, then you probably get angry a lot.  It probably stresses you out when things don’t go the way they “should” or when people don’t do what they say they are going to do.

You probably suffer or play the victim card or alienate your friends because you’re hard to be around.  If this is you or someone you love, then KNOW that there’s another way.

You just need a shift.

What if you shift your mindset to something more powerful?

Most things in life are completely out of our control.

There’s only one thing you can ALWAYS control.

YOURSELF. You can take 100% responsibility for YOUR experience in life.

That doesn’t mean that challenges or tough situations won’t happen.  It simply means that you can control how you respond.  You can decide how big of a deal it is in your world.

Imagine a world where you were in control of your emotions and reactions – old reactions become RESPONSES.

You are a happier human as a result.


How do you practice being flexible?  Send me a note!


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