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Fun Workout – Hit the Deck!

I’m a big believer in having FUN while you exercise.  With all the ways to stay active and exercise, you can find a method that you think is fun!

Here’s a FUN workout that you can do anywhere:

Find a deck of cards (cat cards add another element of fun) and choose 4 exercises. Each suit represents an exercise. Flip a card and perform the number of reps indicated on the card.  J, Q, K, A can be 11-14 OR you can make them higher like 20-24.   Beware of the jokers which can be a more intense move or like 30 reps of any move.

  • Warm up – jog/jumping jack – start sweating!
    • Spades – Squats
    • Diamonds – Push-ups
    • Clubs – Lunges each leg
    • Hearts – Burpees!


    • Spades – Tuck Jumps
    • Diamonds – Crunches
    • Clubs – Swimmers
    • Hearts – Downdog Push-ups
  • Cool down – 3 minute stretch it out

Be creative!!  It takes about 20 minutes to go through the deck. You can easily combine a few rounds and get a great workout with your body weight or with resistance.

Let me know what you create!!

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