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What if Your Gut is Responsible for Everything!?

Y’all – the more I learn about gut health, the more fascinated I become.

Gut feelings are a real thing, and so many of our diseases and dysfunctions are actually influenced by our gut health.

Check Out this Super Informative Class :

Here are my notes from class plus a few extras :

What’s up with your gut?

The gut and the brain are super connected. That’s why you have “gut feelings” and they are true!

Find the underlying reasons for your symptoms and address them in a natural way

STOP just covering them up with a pill {caffeine, more chemicals}

Your gut bacteria has a huge effect on your insulin sensitivity, which controls the way your body responds to carbohydrates AND how likely it is to turn them into fat. {what!!!}

By altering the types of bacteria {microbiome} in your gut, you can improve your brain health too. You need lots of types of bacteria to be at optimal health!

Feed the GOOD bacteria, Starve the BAD bacteria.

Do you have leaky gut?

Signs are chronic pain, being tired, headache, brain fog, memory loss, crazy cravings, skin rashes, anxiety, depression {that’s like everything!! Crazy}}

When you have a healthy gut you FEEL good!

The gut lining contains its own immune system, which can have an impact on the rest of the body

Inflammation is the root cause of all disease!  

Caused by poor diet {acidic foods, too many animal products}, food allergies, long-term damage to gut cells

What if you have “critters” in your gut? or Toxic waste leaking out!?   Ewwwww

How to heal your gut?

Chewing your food helps!!  Eat more slowly and intentionally.

Eliminate gluten and dairy and other “suspicious” items and see what happens.. You might feel different right away or only notice when you add back those things later {eliminate for 3 weeks}

Make sure you’re getting enough SLEEP which reduces cortisol levels.

Taking a probiotic or adding fiber is great, but really you have to HEAL the damage.

The best way to heal:

Adaptogens – non-toxic plants that help the body naturally “adapt” to stress and maintain balance.

They help the body resist stressors {physical, chemical, or biological}

–> Cleanse, detox and heal your gut safely and naturally <–