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How to Be Happier: Part 2

Who wants to be happier? All of us, right!?

My Facebook followers said they needed some tips and strategy around the topic of peace of mind, so I decided to tackle happiness first!

No one is 100% happy all the time {that’s normal}, and most of us want to be at least a little happier than we currently are.

Yesterday we talked about assigning a powerful meaning to something so that you are a happier human.

Today – I’m excited to share with you another way that YOU can

be happier!

It’s really simple!

How does the word ENOUGH make you feel?

It might bring a sense of peace, or it might bring a sense of lacking.

This is important: Let me assure you RIGHT NOW!

You are enough.  You do enough.

Many times people feel overwhelmed and stressed because they don’t feel like they are doing enough. This feeling of not living up to some standard can make us really unhappy.

Not being enough can show up in many ways.

  • I haven’t done enough tasks today.
  • I don’t think I  have enough to offer a situation.
  • I didn’t hit a goal I was targeting.
  • People weren’t nice to me today. 

Gosh – enough can be an ugly thing!

What can you do about it?

  1. Look in the mirror at your beautiful face and repeat!

I am enough. I do enough. I thank you. You’re amazing. I appreciate you.

I know you’re resisting right now – but try it. It works!!

  2. Get our your iPhone and open the reminders app. Create two reminder tabs or lists.

Label one “Musts” and one “Coulds.”

Here’s my process:

If something comes to my brain that I need to do, I immediately add it to my Must or Could list. Musts “must” be done TODAY and Coulds can be tomorrow or just whenever.

Each morning, I open my list and add to the Musts and Coulds. At that moment, I decide what’s ENOUGH for today.

When I have finished my MUSTs then I know I have done enough today. I don’t have to guess what’s been accomplished or try to do more because I have extra time. Everything after Musts are Coulds.

Coulds don’t bring me mental stress. Lol

When I feel like I’m doing enough – I feel happier – I can go to sleep happier and with more peace.

Pro Tip: Do this BEFORE anything else – do not pass Go – do not check Facebook.

If you get nothing else done today, but you get the musts done, then you win. 


BONUS – Celebrate completing your Musts at the end of the day! By celebrating, you tell your brain that this is important, and you want more of it!! (I talked about this in another series).


This process changed my daily life, y’all. Are you going to try it?


This is Part 2 in a series called How to Be Happier. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it. Check back tomorrow for Part 3!