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happiness friyay, 100 update

Hi Friend!

I was so surprised when dozens of people {okay, 4} replied last month saying they loved this font, so here it is again 😹

September has flown by, and I wanted to share some things I’ve been up to. After weeks of watching every single episode of Suits and hours of TikTok funnies, I decided to take some new action.

At times it was uncomfortable and messy, and at times it was really fun. Overall it has felt like progress.

I agree with what Tony Robbins says –

progress equals happiness

I wasn’t feeling happy. I was feeling annoyed 😑 when I kept hearing myself say the same boring thing like – “oh, I don’t like making plans” – so I had to get myself outta that rut and into some entertaining plans.

Most notably was exploring new “woo” things, showing up to local inspirational talks, connecting with friends over coffee or art or Taylor Swift’s love life.

Sometimes, we just need a moment of awareness to stop saying the same old thing and to choose something new.

If you need a reminder to schedule something FUN and JOYFUL into your day or your week – then here it is ✨

What are you doing today that makes you feel happy?

and sometimes making space for nothingness is a perfect action.

Reply and tell me, I’d love to know. 

ideas to inspire you into action

I love a counting goal which is a close cousin to a streak. This chart tracks 100 hours in 15 minute blocks so I can work on my goal for the rest of 2023 and make it visually interesting along the way. The idea comes from an awesome book – All It Takes Is a Goal.

When I joined this gym in April, my goal was to be someone who works out most days – because I was that person for a long time, and then I got inconsistent for a few y e a r s – now I’m on track to achieve 100 classes by 10/10. Today was 93 🔥

Thank you Lizard Brain for the commentary, but you’re not the boss! I’m sad even thinking about leaving Rosè behind – but I’m excited to volunteer with friends at UPW this November. See you there?
Need help with making decisions? Check your Human Design 🔮

let me know when you take the action

okay? okay! 😹

This is part of my goal to create one pretty + informative or fun email per month in 2023, so here’s the catalog!