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Head vs Heart

Has it ever crossed your mind how much your think with your head vs your heart?

It’s not the most common question, I know.

However, it’s something to consider.

Head vs Heart showed up so many times for me in my recent trip to Utah.  I had the privilege of spending 4 days with some super amazing women {and a couple men}. We thought we were going to a business conference, and we got so much more.

When you’re in business for yourself like I am, the line between personal and business can get fuzzy. My business is helping people and people are personal to me.

When we were challenged to think with our hearts the room transformed.

We grew from a small vision of helping a few people lose weight or become healthier to a much bigger vision of changing 1000’s of lives.

What do I mean by bigger vision?

Weight loss is on tons of people’s list; however, weight loss is just a byproduct of other things – bigger pictures like self-confidence, peace, freedom, and relationships.

How do you dial in to your heart?

Go for a walk

Play soft music and sit with your eyes closed

Put yourself in a different environment

Often in your normal routine of life you’re in your head. You go about your day doing your normal tasks doing brain driven activities

That’s great for certain things like strategy and to do lists; however, it’s not good for dreaming of a better life.

When you look to your heart – you can find clues and answers to bigger questions in life. Like:

  • What are you truly passionate about?
  • How do you want to be remembered when you’re gone?
  • What are the most important people, things, causes that you really want to spend your time with?

Listen to a guided meditation

Talk to someone new

Attend an event

Events allow me to get out of my head and be inspired. At events, I have the time {and motivation} to talk to strangers who aren’t afraid to push or question the words I’m saying. {friends may not do that!}

Think about times that you’re being in your head vs being in your heart.

Are you getting the result you want?

If not, then schedule some time to connect to your heart.  YOU deserve it.


I’d love to know what’s really important to you.

When you’re in your heart, what really lights you up? Send me a note!


This is Part 4 in a series called Getting Ahead!  Here’s Part 12, and 3 if you missed it!