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Healthy Isn’t Hard {How to Bake Fish}

In talking with people, I hear several phrases over and over again.

“I’m too busy to eat healthy.”

“Eating healthy isn’t convenient”

“I’m not sure what “healthy” is.”

I’m here to convince you that Healthy Isn’t Hard!

It’s actually pretty simple.

One of my go-to dinner meals is baked tilapia.  I buy tilapia in bulk from my local restaurant supply store.  When buying frozen fish, look for the letters IQF – individually quick frozen.  IQF fish is the closest thing to “fresh off the boat” if you aren’t dining seaside.

Tilapia is easy to cook:

Cook at 350 degrees for 15 minutes ish

For best results use a pan with a rack

Season with pepper, red pepper, paprika, cinnamon (my favorite combo)

Enjoy with steamed veggies

Here are 15 different ways to make tilapia.  You can season it to fit any cuisine.


Tell me your favorite way to make tilapia.


Do you feel stuck in a rut with your current eating habits?

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