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First Timer’s Guide to 5k Races

A friend asked me to write about how to train for a 5k.  He’s never participated in a race, so he wanted to hear my advice on how to train, what to wear, and what to eat.  These are all valid questions, so I set out to answer them.


LUVGLO 5K – April 2013

Then I realized – all of these questions are just fear talking – Fear of the unknown or fear of the seemingly unattainable.

Here’s my advice –


Find a friend who’s been before, and ask to tag along with them to their next race.

No matter where you live, there is bound to be a race every weekend in the Spring and Summer.

Don’t know how to learn about races?        Google:  5k {your city}

Choose a race and sign up with your friends for extra accountability.  You’ve all paid $20-$50, so you better go.


Bardog Tavern 5k – August 2012.

If this is your first race, then your goal is to finish. Don’t set a time goal for your first race. Just FINISH. You don’t need special clothes or a special diet. You’ll be finished in under an hour… no big deal.

Worst case scenario: you’ll walk the whole race and mommies with strollers will leave you in the dust.

Don’t make it complicated. Talk to your friends, and choose a race that you can do together. My favorite part of the race is socializing with people before and after as well as encouraging each other through the course.  If you want to get in better shape and be healthier, then you need some healthy friends. Look around. These people are interested in being healthy. This is where you need to meet your new friends!

If you are dying for exact ways to train for the race, then check out the Get-Fit Guy’s Top 10 Tips for Running a 5k. While I agree with his suggestions, I’d like to make it simple for you –


I promise you will be fine.  You’ll do great!


The Color Run – October 2012

When is or was your first 5k race?

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