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How to Be Productive in August

Do you feel like the year is flying by and you haven’t finished all the things you want to do?

The older we get the more we have to do and the faster time goes by – so in order to be productive, we need to lead and manage ourselves well!

We have ALL the time there is. Literally.

Instead of spending time being frustrated or overwhelmed, let’s hack our skills and use what works for us even more!

Here are things that are working for me lately:

Keep it simple!

The best strategies I have are the simplest ones.

  1. The handwritten calendar or list that I can check off.
    I LOVE checking boxes -not so much electronically, but definitely on paper. Add some pretty colored pens and I’m sooo excited!  I’ll find a way to do the task that leads me to check off a box. It’s just how my brain works.
    I find this method works best with my fitness calendar. I plan in ADVANCE of the month what I’ll do for 3-4 weeks at a time. Once I plan it out {which only takes 5 minutes} then I can complete the proper workout on each day and check off the box!

    The best part – there’s no mental drama about what to do today!  If you need this in your life – seriously send me a note.

  2. The it’s so simple you can’t possibly skip it.
    When the task is so simple that it’s laughable to skip, I will sooo do it. That includes: the 1 minute it takes to record gratitude and good things in my The Five Minute Journal; reading 10 pages a day of a book to help me grow; the superfood shake I can make in 2 minutes and drink while I put on my makeup.

    These things are sooo simple that I feel silly to skip them. I can always get myself to do them.

When I find myself struggling to get things done, I go back to these strategies and find ways to use them in other areas of my life too.

I need to digest my notes from my seminars – sounds like a 5 minute check mark task!

I need to drink more water – sounds like a quick rule like one bottle of water per 2 hours.

You can do this too!  What’s your favorite method for getting stuff done?


This is Part 6 in a series called Life Hacks!  Here’s Part 12, 3, 4, and 5 if you missed it.  Send me a note to suggest a topic!