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How to Make Protein Pancakes the Wrong Way

If you follow my What I Ate Wednesday posts, you might have noticed that I have a thing for protein pancakes. When I need to eat a big breakfast, they are the perfect addition to my Shakeology because they are packed with nutrition and taste great!

Recently, I wanted to make a pancake, but I was out of eggs. Using my knowledge about egg and applesauce substitutions from my cupcake experiment, I decided to try to make my pancake with applesauce. Seems Logical.

I mixed everything as usual per this lovely recipe from SheRocks Fitness. Next, I heated a drop of coconut oil in the pan and waited for it to get hot.

As soon as I poured the batter into the pan, I knew something was wrong. There was WAY too much sizzle.

Maybe this is how you make a crepe… not sure. As you can see, it looks awful!

At this point, I am committed. I’m going to try to cook this thing because

  1. I’m hungry.  

  2. Those are perfectly good ingredients that shouldn’t go to waste.

Finally, I pried the “pancake” out of the pan and tasted it.

It wasn’t a pancake, but it wasn’t bad either! It tasted like half apple fruit roll up and half warm cinnamon applesauce. Good Flavor. Strange Taste. Strange Look. Strange in general – but edible just this once.

The important thing is I tried something new and learned something.

Don’t substitute eggs and applesauce in pancakes unless maybe you add some flour too.


Do you have any “cooking gone wrong” stories?


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