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The Hunt for Healthy Green Juice

In another story, I’ll share with you how I got peer pressured into drinking green juice in the first place.

For now – Let’s start with the fact that I started hunting green juice at Starbucks.

I found 10 options and LOTS of added sugar and high carb counts from fruit. #NotImpressed

If I’m going to drink a green juice, I’d like it to be super healthy, not super high in any type of carb.

{Pro Tip} Read the label before you buy!

I finally found one that had a reasonable amount {about 10g} of sugar carbs from fruit, not sugar cane.

Given that I am new to drinking green juice, I was sticker shocked at the $6 price tag. Later I would learn that $6 is the going rate and actually kind of cheap.

So I thought – I bet I can make this. I have a juicer. I have a vitamix. Surely I can make this. It will probably be more affordable, AND I won’t have to drive to Starbucks every time I want one.

{Pro Tip} Ask Pinterest. She knows everything! 

After browsing some copy cat recipes and comparing juice vs smoothie recipes, I found one to try.

It looked something like this:

1 green apple
2 celery stalks
1/2 giant cucumber, peeled
1/2 inch cube of ginger, peeled
1 giant kale leaf, no stem
1 stem parsley leaves
1/2 lemon, peeled
1 cup-ish water

I chopped most things and in 20 seconds I had a green drink. It’s not as smooth as the juice, but it’s close. The flavor is good and it survived overnight for next day comsumption.

The total cost was like $11 and I have lots left over.  Overall – I’m impressed.

Then, my crafty side came out.  As to not waste my produce – I recalled something I saw on Pinterest.

Kale Ice Cubes, Yall.

They look disgusting, but I didn’t waste the kale. I’ll report back on how my next green smoothie goes using the kale ice cubes.

Let me hear from YOU!  Do you make your own green smoothies or juice?